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By relying on its domestic cloud operating license, technological support capability with multi-cloud architecture and mature operating and IT marketing system, Digital China aims to help global SaaS/PaaS service providers operate lawfully in China and expand the Chinese market.

The Opportunities for and Challenges of Global SaaS/PaaS in China
Legal compliance

Applications deployed in domestic data centers; Operated by domestic licensed data operators

User experience

Faster network access
Safer customer data

Market development

Rapid economic growth with steady progress
Over 22 million enterprise customers

Best Practices of SaaS/PaaS Joint Operations
Four Core Competencies of Cloud Operation of Digital China
Full license of cloud operations

• ICP and IDC (including IRCS)

• ISP license, multi-party communication license

• Business license for Internet culture

• Business license for medical devices

• Level 3 of safety protection and credible cloud certification

• ISO9001/20000/27001

Multi-cloud support and neutral third party

• Multi public cloud core partner

• AWS, Azure, 阿里巴巴 cloud, Huawei cloud……

• Providing multi-cloud full-lifecycle technical supports ranging from architecture consultation, migration, deployment, and DevOps, etc.

Strong market development capability

• China's largest IT distributor

• 300+ professional cloud service team members

• 30000+ channel partners

• Integrated industrial solutions

Experience in international trade and commercial operations

• 18 years of experience in international trade

• Successful experience in SaaS implementation

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