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About Us

Digital China Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter called "Digital China"; Stock Code: 000034. SZ), helps China to improve through its digital transformation.Since its establishment in 2000, Digital China has been devoting to energizing digital transformation for the industry with independent innovation of core technologies and advancing great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation by digital technologies. As a leading provider for cloud service and digital transformation solutions in China, Digital China relies on independent innovation and ecosystem, integrates digital technologies, and builds a full-stack cloud service capabilities, as well as a full range of private brand products and solutions. Digital China provides products, solutions and services of the entire life cycle for clients in different periods of digital transformation, and continuously enables industrial upgrading and digital economy development.

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Key projects of China Torch Program, one of the four Beijing-based core "innovation-based project" enterprises with an annual revenue of RMB100 billion.

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Ranking in Fortune China Top 500 list


Ranking in China's third-party MSP market*


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* As of December 2021
* Data source: IDC Report on China Third Party Cloud Management Service Market Shares, 2019
Digital China International Innovation Center (IIC)

The construction of Digital China International Innovation Center (IIC) started officially at Shenzhen Bay Super Headquarters Base in November 2017 and is still in progress.

By taking the opportunity of the construction of Digital China International Innovation Center (IIC), Digital China gathers topnotch domestic and overseas innovative professionals, takes advantage of world-leading sciences, technologies and resources, operates intensively and keeps innovating in emerging technological strategies such as cloud computing, big data, smart city, autonomous controllable core technology, e-commerce and financial services.

In the future, Digital China will cooperate with world-leading technology enterprises on the basis of the International Innovation Center (IIC) and take root in China, make innovations in incubation and application of cutting-edge technologies, and facilitate the development of industrial digital transformation and digital economy.

2021 global distributed cloud conference distributed file system innovation award
2021 digital ecological digital service leader
Innovation scheme Award
2020 digital enterprise excellent service provider
Outstanding cases of CMP in 2020
Advanced private enterprises in fighting the epidemic in 2020
2020 digital new infrastructure · the most influential enterprise of the year
Leading enterprises in 2020 digital new infrastructure and data center field
Excellent cases of people's network 2020 leading edge enterprises in scientific and technological innovation
2020 China's listed companies' reputation list: the most growing listed companies in the information technology industry
2020 Golden Horse Award · new infrastructure Best Practice Award
Outstanding enterprise cases of financial technology innovation and application in 2020
Digital China innovation competition • Kunpeng computing track innovation and Creativity Award
2019 Golden Horse Award
2019 Jinxi Award
2019 Gold Quality Award
2019 Award for Listed Company Governance
2019 Excellent CSR Enterprise
2019 Qianfeng Award: Top 100 Industrial Internet Company
2019 Model Digital Transformation Service Provider
2019 Top 30 Cloud Computing Ecology Company
2019 China Top 100 Private Service Provider
2019 Excellent Cloud Digital Solution Service Provider
Golden cicada award · 2019 listed corporate governance Award
2018 Most Growable Listed Company of IT Industry
2018 VAR500 Top 100 China New IT Ecology Company (cloud computing)
2018 Yunhe Value Award
2018 Excellent Digital Transformation Service Provider
2018 Excellent Cloud Management Service Provider
2017 Industrial Cloud Service Operator
2017 Leading Cloud Computing Company of China
2017 Cloud Management Service Provider
2017 Leading cloud computing Enterprise of China
2017 Most Ecologically Competitive Enterprise of China
2017 Excellent IoT Cloud Architecture Operation & Maintenance Service Provider
2017 Excellent Cloud Infrastructure Service Provider
2016 China Top 10 Software and Information Service Provider
2016 Leading “Internet+ Service” Brand of China’s Computer Industry
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